Smash Cops Heat
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Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat
Smash Cops Heat

Review Smash Cops Heat

Jay Feldman
Exciting plot, interesting game play
Challenging controls, inconvenient to play on a small screen, animation is a bit laggy
Smash Cops Heat for Android is a police pursuit game that looks like the 5 o'clock news here in Los Angeles; chase bad guys in your squad car and execute pit maneuvers to take them down.
Smash Cops Heat has a lot going for it but still needs work. The game takes place from an aerial view that will look familiar to Los Angelinos; it's supposed to look like a news helicopter is following a car chase. You're in control of the cop car and a fugitive is on the loose, speeding through city streets. Chase the bad guy and ram him with your cruiser until he spins out, loses control and is captured.
The controls are quite challenging and crude. Place your finger behind the cop car and just slide it left and right to steer. I actually like how all that worked because it was exceedingly easy and fun to do burnouts, swerves and stunt moves. However, your hand blocks much of the action, so something needs to be done to remedy that.
All of the fonts and menus are exceedingly small and hard to read; this would be terrible on a smaller screen. The controls would also be extra challenging on a small screen too.
The sounds are excellent; I really liked all the screeches and enhancements which really drew me into the action and kept me engaged and interested. The graphics are a tad crude, as is the animation. The game as a whole lacks polish and feels a little amateurish and unfinished.
Smash Cops Heat has a lot going for it and I had fun playing it, however, its shortcomings definitely hamper the overall experience and ultimately made me lose interest. In another version or two, this game will be killer, it's almost there. I'm making this Editor's Choice because it has potential and just feels like home; I see this stuff on the news almost daily.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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thanks OS ANDRIOD god bless!!
The Dude
Thanks for Making a downloadable link because google play sucks. OS ANDROID Rocks .
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