Solar Defence
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Solar Defence
Solar Defence
Solar Defence
Solar Defence
Solar Defence
Solar Defence

Review Solar Defence

Evgenii Kostrov
Solar Defence - this is a pretty decent game for Android-devices from the genre of Tower Defense, in which you will be responsible for the peace and quiet on several planets strange solar system. Strange, because, as the name implies, the action will unfold exactly the system of planets orbiting the sun, but if you look at them, there is no similarity to our familiar planets are not supported though.
The point, of course, not the case, but the fact that you have to build a lot of defensive towers, not giving the opponent get to okoloorbitnomu space. As in any such game, at the beginning you will have a very small amount of in-game currency. This, of course, enough to build a pair of towers with modest tactical and technical data, but to thrive, you need to earn money to buy more powerful weapons.
Money will drip into the account during the game, and you just need to make the right decisions about what the needs for which to spend it. Do not think that you have little choice, and in order to strengthen its borders, it is necessary to accumulate a fabulous sum at once. In this scenario, you and a couple of intruders do not soak, and in the game incredibly huge number. Actually, because of the fact that in the first level you will find fifty attacks, this game is not like the others.
In order to more efficiently spend the material means, you must first improve the existing defensive towers. Upgrade each of the weapons can be made up to five times (or just sell any tower). This increases the range of the instrument, its rate and, of course, armor. In total, you will have six defensive towers, with which will have to fight with a dozen different types of ships from the enemy fleet. Action will take place on the 10 cards that have to do with the five planets.
For more efficient use of the first available weapon preferably spread out defensive towers in places where the enemy has to be a long time. It can be angled platform or the central parts of the large "islands" that the enemy passes on the perimeter. Naturally, with the growth of your opportunities enemy has progressed, and after a dozen or two waves of attack, even the very first kind of attacking ships becomes more rapid, and his armor is stronger.


In graphic terms any frills game has, the animation is also quite modest, but when the enemy starts to attack almost constantly, it all becomes irrelevant. Relatively sound, some devices may occur. That's why the sound is turned off by default, and to enable it to proceed in the game settings. The free version of the game you will be available for just one card, and the first nine levels

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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