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The Room

The RoomThe RoomThe RoomThe RoomThe RoomThe RoomThe Room


Sergei Petrov
Posted: Sergei PetrovTested 26 Jun 2017 on ASUS Nexus 7 (2013)

Puzzle of the year!

The Room - this is a very interesting and exciting physical puzzle game for Android, which has won many prestigious gaming awards, and has become a game of the year according to the AppStore. In this game we will solve challenging puzzles, search for clues and keys to open a large and interesting box.
The game has amazing 3D-graphics, very responsive and realistic. You can view objects from all sides, as well as zoom in and examine all close. Game development studio is engaged Fireproof Games, and this is still their only project that has brought developers worldwide fame and recognition from millions of players around the world.


Our challenge in the game - it's to get inside the mysterious box, which is protected by dozens of different physical mechanisms and puzzles. Hints and clues are contained within the same box, and they are to be found. Help us actually can not, except that only rarely will an ice-hint at what we have to do.
Control of the game is very simple and clear. With two fingers, we can turn the review as we need, and with a standard zoom gesture. The rest is all well done and little finger gestures, we simulate a real physical effect, so you have to control precisely the difficulties will arise.
The game is almost all dumb. From start to finish, we have to do everything on their own. Opening one layer box, we move to the next layer, and so long until we get to the middle.

The Room Features for Android:

  • Stunning 3D-graphics;
  • The unique idea;
  • Several interesting levels;
  • The complex physical puzzles;
  • Easy management;
  • Minimum tips;
  • The game is a great desire to get to the bottom and discover a mysterious box.
The main feature of this game - is its uniqueness. The store Google Play you will not be able to find something similar. The game has a really interesting gameplay and enchanting atmosphere. Developers with great care to optimize the game, so to the technical part no complaints.
Summary. The Room - this is without a doubt one of the best mobile games for Android, which has ever appeared in Google Play. If you like a puzzle, you just do not have the right to pass this game. And let the cost at $ 2 you are not confused, you're on your fifth minute realize that for this game and do not mind paying a few more times. Our most urgent recommendations!
Final ratings
Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Hai i have downloaded the room game in xperia L... after installing this game its not opening at all i did a renstallation even though its not at all working... Only the black screen appears..... when i open when i download this file it shows 200 Mb but after extracting this file it shows only 8 mb what the hell is this ????


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