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Brave Diggers
Brave Diggers
Brave Diggers
Brave Diggers
Brave Diggers
Brave Diggers
Brave Diggers
Brave Diggers

Review Brave Diggers

Brandon Girod
Simple gameplay, short timers, constant progression
Bland 16-bit graphics, text is way too small, poor ui
Brave Diggers for Android is a subtle play on words and reminds me of gold diggers, or maybe grave diggers. Either way, this is a 2D, sidescrolling RPG that almost plays itself. You’ll start off by choosing one of multiple character avatars, grind through tons of different levels and build up a giant party to help you fight other giant parties.
Let’s talk about this game’s UI - it’s tiny. I’m playing on a 5.5-inch screen and trying to read some of the text on the screen is tough. Part of the issue is that they also try to cram as much information on one screen as possible. There is a map on the top half of the screen that really serves no purpose because it shows which level you’re on and that’s it. The bottom is a side view of your party as they accumulate money and XP passively, which also doesn’t really need to be seen.
The combat is bland and this is largely because you get to see what is essentially a 5-second auto-battle play out. I guess it’s cool to see your party battle it out but the artwork is so uninspired that it’s not actually that cool to see. Then almost an hour into the game, you finally get to the part where it explains the mining aspect of the game, which is a somewhat random and lame grindfest to help strengthen your characters even more.
Brave Diggers didn’t leave a real strong impression on me. Many aspects of the game aren’t really explained and when they are, they’re explained in story, which means it takes forever to get simple information. All-in-all, the game just doesn’t feel very fun to play. It feels like I’m constantly grinding to a destination that doesn’t exist.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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