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Atlantis Pearls of the Deep
Atlantis Pearls of the Deep
Atlantis Pearls of the Deep
Atlantis Pearls of the Deep
Atlantis Pearls of the Deep
Atlantis Pearls of the Deep

Review Atlantis Pearls of the Deep

Sergei Petrov
Atlantis Pearls of the Deep - colorful and fun to design, as well as musical accompaniment time killer for android in an "pebbles in a row."
Initially, we only open the first episode. After a small scene video, you can start playing. To reset the pearl on top, just click on the screen. At any time, zapauzit game by pressing the menu button. Also, it is always possible to beat the level. To win, you need to collect three or more gems in one place, by removing all the pearls, containing shells and other treasures of the mermaids.
The game has good physics: the moment when the next pearl drops to a bowl, and the rest is naturally exposed to shock or mix a little displaced. So after yet another gem, you can achieve success, even a bad move, simply by physics.
You can switch the color of the pearls by clicking on the crane, which is dropping. For completing invoiced 3 gold coins. Use earned coins include a bonus. Also, they can be purchased for real money.

Features Atlantis Pearls of the Deep for Android:

  • Initial budget of 25 gold coins;
  • Really nice theme music and graphics;
  • Pop-up windows during the game with the plot;
  • The system of stars - for making necessary to perform additional tasks at the bottom right of the screen;
  • 4 episodes and one under construction.
  • A huge amount of chips, bonuses, additional tasks.
Let's talk about the shortcomings of which are obvious. Between levels, pop-up ads, and even during the game, too, occasionally pops up. The second episode is available for 50 gold, but the third and fourth in the 150 already. Overall, the purchase of the game is thriving, including by means of interesting bonuses. There were no glitches here and, unfortunately. The game crashes and hangs at the slightest pause, and even more so if the screen turns off.
Summary. Atlantis Pearls of the Deep - one of the most enjoyable games of its genre for android capable of great interest and captivate for hours. Make a successful game enjoyable music, pretty high quality graphics, unexpected and interesting tasks, the presence of many different bonuses and a few levels. Our assessment - five unsteady as glitches still need doispravit and significantly reduce the degree of extortion. And even though it is highly recommended, great ubivalki time!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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Hope you got my message below about getting past level 5 on Atlantis Pearl of the Deep. Please let me know. Thank You.
How do you get pass level 5? I want to play this game so bad. But I can only get the 10 free games now & don't k n ow if I have to pay to go onto levels6..... It's been over a month now . T thinking of deleting the game. I'm bummed.
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