Defend your body!
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Defend your body!
Defend your body!
Defend your body!
Defend your body!
Defend your body!
Defend your body!
Defend your body!
Defend your body!
Defend your body!

Review Defend your body!

Tariq Abdulla
Selecting the complexity of the regime, no in-app purchases, simple controls
Very short game, not interesting game play, low quality graphics
Defend Your Body for Android is a run of the mill tower defence game. But in this one the levels represent different locations in the human body. The baddies are various germs and viruses that want to get past your immune defences and make you sick.
I love the idea behind this game. I just wish they had put a little more effort into getting the biological terminology right; and had at least partly based it on real immune defences. As it is, you are firing canons at a variety of meanies. (I can't remember ever hearing about canons in the immune system). The first germ was called “angina”, which just doesn’t make any sense. But maybe I’m just being pedantic. This is followed by more sensible baddies like cold and flu, each with their own particular strengths and special abilities (flu can split into two after you attack it).
The game reminds me of looking down a microscope in biology lessons. You can barely see anything, it's hard to make out the individual cells, and the zoom is pathetic. The game might be more enjoyable with a bit more detail. Apart from the original "Defend Your Body" theme, it's just like lots of other tower defence games; so it’s the details that make or break a game like this. Unfortunately, the graphics don’t do the concept any justice.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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