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Sci-Fi Heroes
Sci-Fi Heroes
Sci-Fi Heroes
Sci-Fi Heroes
Sci-Fi Heroes
Sci-Fi Heroes

Review Sci-Fi Heroes

Sergei Petrov
Sci-Fi Heroes - it is an interesting game for Android, combining the genres of tactics, strategy and elements of RPG. In this game we are going to manage a small group of 4 people in real time, giving orders to each individual team member.
The main feature of the game is in the interactions between the characters themselves. Each character in the game has its own unique abilities and can be useful in well-defined situations. For example, there is a ranged DPS, melee, doctors have abilities.


The game is set in an imaginary universe, many elements of which have been borrowed from Star Wars and Star Trek (ex: lightsabers and ships). But it's less of an issue, since the most interesting - it is exciting fights.
Deal with management of the game is simple enough, but here's to master it does not fully succeed, and after two hours of play. For any one of the characters interaction with another object, whether it is an enemy or a member of the team, we have to draw a line from a character in the direction of the desired object. In the same way, and the movement is in the Sci-Fi Heroes. Select a character and telling him the point to where you want to go.
Each character has their own unique skills that can be activated by pressing a button in the upper left corner of the screen. Also, many of the controls vary depending on the class hero. For example, to force the doctor to treat a particular character, it is enough to select, and over the three icons will appear with allies, in this case, does not necessarily drag your finger to another character. You can also get the doctor without stopping treat certain character, which takes care of all strokes.

Features Sci-Fi Heroes for Android:

  • Nice graphics;
  • Convenient control;
  • A large number of unique characters;
  • An infinite number of levels;
  • Interesting enemies and bosses;
  • Leveling heroes and purchase items of inventory;
  • Asynchronous multiplayer and much more.
Summary. Sci-Fi Heroes - it's an interesting tactical strategy for Android, which lovers challenging and entertaining games. The game is free with ads and the ability to make in-game purchases for real money. If you like this genre, it is recommended to also look for the nearest similar game - Epic Raiders of the studio Gamevil.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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