Gold Miner Adventure
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Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure
Gold Miner Adventure

Review Gold Miner Adventure

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, decent graphics, simple controls
Monotonous game play
Gold Miner Adventure for Android is a game of gold prospecting with a cherry picker (you know, those grabbing hook booths for totally failing to win a soft toy in arcades and funfairs everywhere.) This hook can totally grab you some serious gold though. It pitches back back and forth automatically, and you just tap when you want to release it. Then it shoots off into the ground, bringing back treasure chests, different sized lumps of gold, or maybe just rats and rocks. The rats and rocks still net you a little cash though. I guess the rocks may have a little gold in them, and the rats can be sold as burgers in the old west?
Whatever the case, you can’t really lose in this one, and it is decent fun watching your hook shoot off between different objects and drag back impossible huge lumps of gold. Of course, you are trying to net as much money as you can in the limited time. Treasure chests often contain other objects, like dynamite, or extra strength for reeling objects in faster. The dynamite can be used to jetison some unwanted objects, like giant rocks.
The art design is fun and suited to the theme of the game; though the between-level store seems a little out of place somehow. Heavy objects take longer to reel in, which ads a nice dimension to the gameplay. At the end of the day, this is just a simple game of aim and fire; but it’s good for a little quick diversion. If you feel like amassing a pile of virtual cash, gold prospecting seems quite profitable in this case. But it doesn’t seem like there’s all that much to do with your cash afterwards, as the objects you can buy don’t really change things in the game; they just make your gold more valuable etc.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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