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Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania

Review Jewels Mania

Jay Feldman
Quality sound, neat animation, neat graphics, addictive game play
Lags a bit, very common
Jewels Mania for Android is a very cute match 3 style game. This one would be great for kids because of all the cute 'n' cuddly charters, but adults will love it too.
Jewels Mania is another entry in the hugely popular match 3 style genre. I have been resisting this style of play for a while, but I'm getting hooked on the genre the more I play. I love all the cute graphics and in between transitions for this one. The little doggy is just too sweet and the kids in the hot air balloon are adorable too. The presentation is very inviting.
Typical to most match 3 games, there's a game board populated with jewels; just make matches of 3 to clear the jewels and the board. Hit a predetermined score in a set number of moves to win the round and advance to the next level. The game also adds mini challenges once you get past level 7, which helps add some originality and intrigue to this otherwise common game.
The sounds are playful and a good match to the graphics. The kids shout "yay" and "good job" which encourages you to keep going; a little positive affirmation never hurt anyone. The controls worked well and I encountered no glitches. Occasionally, the animation would stutter and hang, but nothing serious enough to diminish the play. There's lots of levels to work through and it's all very colorful and pleasing to the eye.
Jewels Mania is a lot of fun. I liked the simple presentation and playful style. And they added just enough twists to set this apart and keep it interesting. Nice.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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jewel Kingdom game
jewel Kingdom game11 Aug 2015, at 20:23
Please download it
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