Maze Runner 3D
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Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D

Review Maze Runner 3D

Vlad Popa
Lots of levels, ads are not confusing
Crashes from time to time, graphics could have been better
Maze Runner 3D for Android is a simplistic game that, despite its many faults, makes the user always come back for more. The addictive and colorful gameplay has a strange appeal to it that brings the user back, always hopeful that this is the round when a new high score is established.
It is the user’s task to guide a simple block that rushes forward at high speeds through a randomly generated and equally colorful maze using swipes to change the block’s direction with a sudden turn. The game will spawn a wide array of shapes that will attempt to hinder the player’s progress and create a unique maze every time. Surviving for as long as possible without colliding with any of the obstacles will score more points, based on the duration of the run. Points which are sadly the only thing that the player has to show as a result, yet appeals to competitive users draws them in for attempts at even higher scores
The environment and the player piece are all presented from the same angle, which, when combined when the repetitive and minimalistic artwork give the game the pungent feeling of a poorly constructed project. Due to the fast paced gameplay performing sharp turns around corners is incredibly difficult, a fact due, in no small part to the unforgiving collision and somewhat slow control responsiveness.
Overall it is a miracle that Maze Runner 3D manages to be so addictive. It is a game where what you see is what you get, and you can get the general idea of what it is from the first 5 minutes of gameplay. Playing it is truly an eyesore with its bright colors, yet poorly crafted environment which repeats the same assets to no end. Not even the soundtrack offers any relief from the repetitiveness of the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 5/10
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