Transformers: Earth Wars
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Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars
Transformers: Earth Wars

Review Transformers: Earth Wars

Brandon Girod
Features tons of Transformers, beautiful art design
Mediocre gameplay, poor level design
How much can a franchise influence your decision about how good a game can be? Transformers: Earth Wars for Android is a game that seemingly attempts to answer this game by slapping a Transformers skin on your everyday quasi-RTS mobile game. Whether or not you believe it’s good will largely depend on how you feel about games like this.
What I can say is that the developers behind this game did a really, really good job with the game’s art style. Some elements of the game appear to be cel shaded, though I couldn’t really zoom the camera in close enough to be able to tell for sure. All of the character designs and the design of the buildings are top notch. If you’re a Transformers fan then you’ll at least love putting together a team of your favorite Autobots or Decepticons and heading to battle.
This game differs quite a bit in terms of its scope. You won’t be commanding a legion of troops as you storm bases in search of resources. Instead, you’ll put together a team of transformers that will be used mission to mission. They can level up, grow stronger and they have their own unique abilities that can be used in combat. I think this does a good job alleviating one of my least favorite aspects of games like these - losing troops and having to constantly replace them.
I really, really enjoyed watching my transformers battle it out with others, but I can’t say gameplay was perfect. Every battle felt like it was an uphill fight and the base building mechanics are just as boring as ever.
Hardcore mobile RTS enthusiasts and Transformers fans will surely love Transformers: Earth Wars, but does the franchise make a mediocre game good? My answer is no.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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william d.
i don't have google play is there another way to get it
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