Tap Cats: Idle Warfare
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Tap Cats: Idle Warfare
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare

Review Tap Cats: Idle Warfare

Brandon Girod
Cats, synergistic combat system, highly stylized art design
Confusing upgrade progression, reuses lots of art assets
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare for Android is a new breed of tapping games where you’re no longer out there tapping to collect money or resources, you’re tapping to do damage, build a party, level and do a ton of other different things.
So, there are actually a ton of other tapping games that play almost like pseudo-action RPGs. This may not be the first of it’s class, but it’s definitely the first to feature a cast full of over 100 cats ready to engage in vicious combat with enemies. And viscusi combat they shall engage in!
Each of your cats attack at various speeds and for different amounts of damage depending on how upgraded they are and their rarity. Better yet, they each come with their own unique abilities, too. This is a game where you can drag your feline heroes around for optimal placement efficiency because some cats may have special abilities that boost the abilities of others.
This is a game with a pretty quirky art style. Each cat looks really unique and I loved the fact that they all feel unique, too. I’m not just getting different avatars, they actually do different things. Plus, the environments actually change. I’m not stuck running up a tower for weeks straight.
Tap Cats: Idle Warfare honestly isn’t the most unique tapping game that I’ve played, but it does have a ton of character to it, and that alone almost makes it worth downloading over the other snooze fests I’ve come across.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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