Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!
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Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!
Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!
Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!
Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!
Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!
Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!
Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!

Review Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag!

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, very responsive controls, cats, well done skins
Static backgrounds, level design is slow to change
Well, Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag for Android features cats pretty prominently, so is it even legal to dislike a game like this or will the internet police whisk me away to virtual prison? Either way, it doesn’t matter because this game is actually a good time!
Maybe cats don’t tickle your fancy the same way they do for me. If that’s the case, I think there’s still a lot here to enjoy. For starters, this is an endless game that requires good timing but doesn’t make you have to pull off crazy jumps to incorporate the mechanic. Instead, your cat is floating down a river on a log and you’ve just gotta tap the screen to the cat turn with the river. And, incidentally, wouldn’t most cats congratulate you for landing them on dry land? So even if you lose, you kind of win.
If I had to fault the game, I’d say that it does take a while for the levels to begin to switch things up. The first ten or so times I played, I got literally the same level structure each time. I almost began to think the entire game was one giant level that the developers designed. Once you progress a bit, you’ll find that the path actually begins to open up a bit. You might discover that there’s more than one way to travel to keep your cat from finding land.
I’ve gotta say, the skins are pretty funny in this game, too. You’ll find cats dressed as Rambo, the Joker, Mr. T. Guy Faux and a ton of other familiar faces. If only the different skins actually reskinned the level. It gets a bit old seeing the same art assets over and over again.
Now, Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag doesn’t have a lot of depth. Sure, the level opens up but you’ll ultimately be doing the same thing over and over, so if that’s not your thing then you might want to find a game with a little more oomph.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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