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Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure
Tiny Sea Adventure

Review Tiny Sea Adventure

Brandon Girod
Totally unique art design, frantic gameplay
Horrible controls, poor button placement
After spending time with a good arcade game that surprised me, I sat down with Tiny Sea Adventure for Android, another mobile arcade game that I thought I’d enjoy a lot more than I actually did. TSA has great art design and I love the characters you can unlock as they change the game’s environments, but the crazy lack of control you truly have over your character killed it for me.
This is a game that looks cute but is completely evil. You begin your underwater adventures as a little yellow submarine, though you’ll eventually unlock new skins for your avatar. I ended up as a penguin, which suited me pretty well I thought. When you spawn so will a star and a bunch of fish. You need to collect the stars while avoiding the fish. Fish mean death; stars mean you get to go on to the next level when you collect enough.
I hated TSA’s controls. First off, you don’t drag your submarine around like you think you would. Instead, you have to control the general direction of the sub from the bottom. And I say general loosely because if you swipe up, your guy will go 180 degrees of direction loosely related to “up.” You don’t have any direct control and that makes the game frustrating when you’re trying to bob and weave between fast moving fish and you don’t know exactly which direction you’ll end up.
I also think Tiny Sea Adventure’s unlock rate is painfully slow. You’ll get 100 coins as your free gift every now and then, but watching video ads only gets you 15 coins and you need 200 to unlock something at random. This and the poor controls made me leave the game with a sour taste in my mouth.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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