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Epic Flail™
Epic Flail™
Epic Flail™
Epic Flail™
Epic Flail™
Epic Flail™
Epic Flail™
Epic Flail™

Review Epic Flail™

Brandon Girod
Beautiful pixel graphics, satisfying combat
Clumsy controls, poor performance
Epic Flail for Android is kind of a flail of a game. The developers call this a 2D brawler, but it’s really not like that at all. If anything, it feels a lot more like a bloodier version of Divekick. You dodge the reflect attacks from enemies, play mind games, and wait for the opportune time to launch your attack on the enemy.
I had a lot more luck playing this game with a mix of button smashing and a hair of cognitive awareness. The idea, as the game explains to you in the first stage, is to dodge your opponent’s attack. Right after they attack, they are left open and are vulnerable to attack, which is when you want to strike. This is pretty simple when you’re up against the first guy, but then you realize you actually need to kill 15 guys to progress to the next level, and you’ll often fight them in pairs.
When you move to a next level, don’t expect things to get easier. This isn’t an RPG where you can build your character up, you have to rely on skill. In the second level, for instance, you are chained to a post in the middle of the level. Because I was now chained and had limited mobility, I wasn't able to stick to my original strategy which consisted of darting all over the place.
The gameplay is pretty fun at first because you dash through the air, cutting through things as you go. And it’s really awesome to clash with an enemy to deflect their attack, but when multiple enemies were on the screen the game became borderline unplayable.
Ultimately, Epic Flail is a pretty fun arcade game that has you dashing through the air, clashing swords with gladiators in mid-air. But with some of the performance issues I noted, I didn’t feel like the game met its true potential.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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