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Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King
Catapult King

Review Catapult King

Jay Feldman
Quality 3D graphics, every level brings something new, addictive game play, sophisticated physics
Uses a lot of system resources, animation is a bit laggy, dependence on in-app purchases
Catapult King for Android is really cool. It borrows some of the best elements from Angry Birds and places them within it’s own, unique environment to create something completely original.
Catapult King is just good fun, plain and simple. You are in charge of an old, medieval wooden catapult. There’s a castle and a guard tower with itty bitty looking knights on it that are taunting you with silly posturing. It’s all very playful and light hearted, in a stuff-shirt retro monarchy sorta way.
The objective here, is to use your catapult to knock down the guard tower and send all those silly goons toppling. That’s the part that’s reminiscent of Angry Birds; you get the satisfaction of destroying stuff in a playful setting. The physics are excellent, and just like Angry Birds, it’s possible to have a different result each time you play. Just load your catapult, slide your finger back to wind up and aim, then release and watch the destruction. You have 3 shots to knock everything down. There’s power ups and projectiles with special magical powers, but those will cost you some real money to play with.
The controls work really well. It’s sort of the same concept as Angry Birds, in that, you just slide your finger to wind up and shift the trajectory, then release and hope you hit what you were aiming for. The destruction is very satisfying. The sounds are funny. And the knights are comical in their taunts; it’s all very schoolyard juvenile, but fun and entertaining too.
The app did run my CPU hot, so clearly it’s a battery killer. But it’s fun to look at and play. The game's view takes place from the projectiles point of view, which makes it fun and immersive.
Catapult King has done a good job of tweaking familiar game elements we all love and using them in a unique and enjoyable manner. This game will hold interest and remain captivating through all the various levels, but the IAPs is where they hope to get you, so just be aware of that.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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