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Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor

Review Mystery Manor

Sergei Petrov
Mystery Manor - it's rich in detail and full of events play in the genre of "hidden object" for Android, where it is about a mysterious manor, whose rules are no less mysterious Mr. X. Distributed free of charge with the possibility of in-game purchases.
At the beginning of the game you are asked to find a couple of things in the hallway Mr X in the order of training. The assistant will tell you everything you need for further progress through the game. In the hallway on the first floor, you can go through a detailed map at home.
In a separate window appear: things that can be found in a particular room, the amount of energy it takes to search, and the amount of experience and coins that you can earn as a result.
For example, the first character, chef, will ask a puzzle in the form of finding Mr X favorite cup. Once training has been passed, you will be asked to continue in the same spirit - to explore all the rooms one by one, to find the required items, unlock new levels, and solve a mysterious house.
Among the features you will find the time dilation, as well as highlighting the room. Among the tips as you will have available mystical compass, as well as a button "Show me." Mystical compass will help you in finding, pointing to the object. Clicking on the "show me", you will automatically move to the area in which are located just one or a few items.

Features Mystery Manor for Android:

  • Simple gameplay and easy passage through the levels;
  • A fascinating story and funny characters;
  • Various modes for finding objects;
  • Oversupply of events: a lot of small parts and the different elements - in the eyes sometimes dazzled by such diversity;
  • Fairly frequent updates with the addition of characters, puzzles and quests;
  • Strong social component: you can help your friends and ask them for help;
  • The main character, Mr. X, shown as a famous character - the Phantom of the Opera.
There are also many disadvantages as advantages. The game offers a compulsively invite their friends, offering for the gifts and bonuses. In addition, constantly popping up a reminder that you have registered in the community games on twitter and facebook. And all of this is supplied in the game as a "quest", however a regular job that has a need. And, as always, the game can be bought for real money you need coins and diamonds - from 2 to 100 dollars for a number of different bonuses.
Summary. Mystery Manor - a pretty good game hidden object for android. It can be called interesting, but clearly aimed at children and adolescents. Adult play it frankly boring due to the fact that everything is given here very well be that simple. In addition, the creators offer very intrusive use all the features, and actively participate in communities dedicated to this game. So many distractions, as in the main window, and in the whole of the game. In this regard, a toy can rapidly ruffle and bored. Also, there are lags in the form of throwing game right in passing, as well as updates.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Downloaded "mystery manor" on galaxy s III but apparently my device lacks software of some sort, any help would be appreciated
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