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Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer
Blocky Soccer

Review Blocky Soccer

Brandon Girod
Retro graphics, dynamic gameplay mechanics, fun progression
Tons and tons of ads, too random
If you’re looking for the next step up in mobile arcade gaming - no matter how marginal that may be - check out Blocky Soccer for Android. A lot of mobile arcade games have this bad habit of only really doing one thing. If you’ve spend about five minutes with it then you more or less see everything there is to see. But this game encourages you to dig just a little deeper.
When I first decided to download this game, I looked through some of the screenshots and thought that this game looked an awful lot like some football games I’ve reviewed previously. Now, in a way, it’s true but there are more elements at play here that take this game further. For instance, who gets control of the ball is totally random, and when you get a chance to score, you’ll play the meat of the game.
Escorting the ball up the field is where the game shines. You’ll be given a certain amount of players you need to dodge and juke before you can get a chance to take a shot at scoring a goal. In order to get to the goal, you'll play what is essentially a runner where you need to dodge the players, but in order to do so, you'll need to sprint around them. They're coming at your from in front and from behind so you really need to be crafty in order to get past them. Once you do, you get to aim and use a power meter to get your shot into the goal. Everything becomes more difficult the further you get in the game.
For an arcade game, this is a pretty darn good one. The gameplay feels really dynamic, but the most frustrating part is the fact that you've gotta sit around and wait for the AI to roll a dice in order to determine whether or not they score on you. Either way, this soccer arcade game puts others to shame.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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