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Sleep Time - Alarm Clock

Sleep Time - Alarm ClockSleep Time - Alarm ClockSleep Time - Alarm ClockSleep Time - Alarm ClockSleep Time - Alarm ClockSleep Time - Alarm ClockSleep Time - Alarm Clock


Alexander Vorobyev

Alarm clock that analyzes your sleep phase

Sleep Time - Alarm Clock is a neat intelligent alarm clock for Android devices that identifies your sleep phase by using a g meter and wakes you up at the right time hassle-free. Just place the phone near your pillow and go watch some dreams without being afraid to oversleep.
The software was released by Azumio Inc. It features a neat minimalist interface, customization capabilities, built-in sleep lab that analyzes your sleeping, and other nice perks that you can setup.

Interface and capabilities

The app features three menu items: alarm, sleep lab, and settings. Sleep lab is used for analyzing your sleep on a daily basis, while in settings menu you can manage the ringtone, alarm volume, snooze, wake up phase as well as invite a friend. Sleep lab offers data on your average sleep length, going to bed time, and efficiency of the alarm.
To set the alarm you will need to swipe the clock hands to when you’d like to wake up. After that just tap on start and place your device face down near your pillow and go to sleep. Depending on what wake up phase you specified in the settings (normal alarm mode and 10, 20, or 30 minutes), the app will use the g meter to detect your movements in the REM sleep stage and wake you up during this period of time before the alarm. To switch off the alarm in the morning you will need to tap a button on the screen for a few seconds. As easy as ABC.

Key features of Sleep Time - Alarm Clock for Android:

  • Simple and neat interface;
  • Only the basic features;
  • Detects your sleep phases;
  • Customization capabilities;
  • Built-in sleep statistics.
And though the app doesn't have major drawbacks, if you are in a relationship, this alarm clock will become pretty useless.


Sleep Time - Alarm Clock for Android is a really great app which will be the best fit for those people who simply can’t get up in the morning by themselves. It’s very easy and works nine time out of ten.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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how can i change the clock alarm song?
when i set up alarm and my phone not active/switch off, why alarm not working?


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