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Sparkle ZERO
Sparkle ZERO
Sparkle ZERO
Sparkle ZERO
Sparkle ZERO
Sparkle ZERO
Sparkle ZERO
Sparkle ZERO

Review Sparkle ZERO

Brandon Girod
Breathtaking visuals, cool progression system
Extremely slow paced, clumsy controls, no tutorial
Sparkle ZERO for Android is a game that is a little hard to describe. I want to say that it’s like a really good looking, but the thing is… it’s not. Not quite, anyway. It’s a game where you may or may not be playing against other players online, but you’re definitely trying to eat different things in the world so you can grow bigger and evolve.
There’s no tutorial in this game and that’s something it lets you know about right in the description (If you bother to read that stuff.) You’ll start off as the smallest creature in the game and will eventually eat your way up to becoming one of the biggest creatures. Supposedly you have endless paths of development, but sadly, I have no idea whether or not that’s true. I ended up eating everything in my game and never had the ability to grow anymore after my second evolution, which was a bummer.
There isn’t really any drama in this game and I ultimately find the gameplay to be really boring. There’s two reasons for this: you can’t eat things by simply running over it, you have to wait for the creature’s mouth to open up before you can eat something else. The other part that I dislike about the progression is that it’s so slow. The one other creature I found, I ate promptly and continued on my way. There weren’t any mind games to be played.
Sparkle ZERO looks nice and has a really calming soundtrack, but the gameplay just doesn’t stack up to something like, which is something I’d rather be playing.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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