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Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break
Fishing Break

Review Fishing Break

Brandon Girod
Fun aesthetic, constant progression, fun gameplay mechanics
Some performance stuttering
I was seriously not expecting to enjoy Fishing Break for Android as much as I did. Historically, I’ve absolutely never been interested in fishing and even in video games, minigames built around fishing just never managed to maintain my attention, but this game is different. It’s packed full of fun gameplay mechanics and things to do.
So, primarily, you’re just hanging out fishing. You’ll cast your line in a pond, wait for a fish to bite and then fight with the fish until you pull it in. This all sounds fairly typical, but the game becomes more fun when you realize all of the different upgrade paths you can take. You can spend money to buy better bait, which will attract more fish and help you make more money. You can also upgrade your fishing rod, which will make you have a higher attack, allowing you to also catch better fish.
As you play through the game, you’ll complete mini missions that will help you progress further into the game. Over time, the fish that you catch will be donated to a museum - Animal Crossing style - and they will help you passively make more money. In case you run out of bait or something and are stuck with making next to no money from just catching small fry.
My biggest complaint is that the further I got, the more the waters were full of low quality fish and it became pretty difficult to actually make real money.
There were very little shortcomings in Fishing Break. It’s a game that I wouldn’t traditionally be interested in, but the developers did everything they could to create a game that is fun and addictive to play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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