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Jewels & Diamonds
Jewels & Diamonds
Jewels & Diamonds
Jewels & Diamonds
Jewels & Diamonds
Jewels & Diamonds
Jewels & Diamonds

Review Jewels & Diamonds

Sergei Petrov
Jewels & Diamonds - it's colorful and fun arcade puzzle game in the genre of "three in a row." Similar games to Android as much as a clone Angry Birds, maybe even more, but this does not prevent developers make more and more games on this topic. Let's see what is new and distinctive.
Engaged in developing a game studio MoMinis, gave us enough fun and unique games such as arcade Ninja Chicken and Puzzle Bouncy Bill . In general, we have high hopes for believing that at least this time we will see something new.


The playing field in the game is made in the usual vertical format. Before the beginning of the level and drop the birds fly above the various items that we will be collecting three in a row. Rules of the game are simple and standard for the genre. More combinations (number of elements in a row), the more points we get.
Developers have tried to get away from the unthinking for combinations in the game and added a variety of tasks. For example, we need to make moves in the places where the cells are painted in a special color to destroy them. Not to say that the idea is new, but the approach allows for a more thought out play.
Each level in Jewels & Diamonds increasing variety of items, and there are various bonuses. Initially, the accumulation of a small number of points, we are able to destroy a cell. Also on the card will be a variety of bombs to fall.
Our mission is to fulfill the terms of the level before the last die birdie sitting on top. Yes, if you think long, they will turn to die. Another interesting feature of the game - the barrier that prevent the free fall of the elements and forces them to concentrate in certain areas, which again is different.

Features Jewels & Diamonds for Android:

  • Simple and familiar management;
  • Nice graphics;
  • 8 unique bonuses;
  • At each level, we have to perform the task;
  • 50 levels and 11 chapters;
  • Ability to purchase additional bonuses in the store.
Summary. Jewels & Diamonds - an exciting game for Android, will appeal primarily to fans of the genre of "three in a row." A few minor new elements freshen hackneyed gameplay, play pretty interesting. The best part here is that the game is distributed free of charge and does not depend much on the in-game purchases, such as Diamond Blaze .

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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