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Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2
Loop Drive 2

Review Loop Drive 2

Brandon Girod
Really good graphics, multiple modes, good controls
Really repetitive gameplay, grindy progression
Loop Drive 2 for Android is, well, a looping traffic racer. Gone are the days of driving down an endless straightline. Just think about how unrealistic that is anyway. Now we’re driving around in circles endlessly, which is at least a bit more realistic when you think about sports like NASCAR.
This is a simple arcade game that feels like there is something new going on every time you boot it up, and part of that stems from how unpredictable the traffic can be. Since your obstacles are constantly spawning within the game, you’re not really looking at pre-designed assets that you’ll begin to recognize over and over again. Instead, cars can typically spawn whenever they want.
On your end, you’ve got your loop of road, but it happens to intersect with another road. In fact, it could intersect with two roads. That’s because this game has two levels of difficulty and there is a different level for each respective difficulty. I personally felt like the Easy difficulty was perhaps too easy. It does get more difficult as more cars pile onto the road, but Hard is where most people will have the most fun.
Loop Drive 2 is a game that I feel like I’ve played and reviewed before. Maybe that’s because there are quite a few of these games and they all look and play a bit too similar. I can’t really say whether or not this is the best of the bunch, but it does more features than some of the other games like it that I’ve played.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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