LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery
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LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery
LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery
LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery
LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery
LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery
LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery
LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery

Review LEGO® City Spotlight Robbery

Sergei Petrov
City Spotlight Robbery - is another free game for Android in the vast universe of designer LEGO. This time, we'll catch dangerous robbers, cleans banks, shops, people's houses and public property. We will play for an elite police officer who is not afraid and boldly into danger.
Engaged in developing a game studio The LEGO Group, which has already made ​​us happy about the excellent arcade firefighters LEGO ® City Fire Hose Frenzy . Not only that, these games are different and more interesting gameplay, so more is absolutely free and without any advertising, except for the designer, of course.


Our goal is to catch a burglar in the act, but there is one problem: the robber turned off all the lights. Our task, running a flashlight to find and turn on all the switches, to find possible different bonus coins, and also help the police to get to the villain.
Control of the game by using one finger. We just move the light of a lantern in search of the necessary items, and as soon as they turn on the light, push them. Our character will automatically run after a robber, on seeing that the passage is totally free. We omit the steps, repair the wiring, doors and so on.
Each level is evaluated based on how fast you have passed through it, and have you found all hidden in the dark bonuses. With each new experience level of complexity will increase, and the number of rooms increased.

Features LEGO ® City Fire Hose Frenzy for Android:

  • Pleasant, stylized LEGO, graphics;
  • Unique gameplay;
  • Easy management;
  • 12 different levels;
  • Achievements and records.
The disadvantages of the game very well, we assign a small number of levels, which can be taken literally 15-20 minutes. Of course, we would like to get a lot more levels, more so that the game itself was very entertaining.
Summary. LEGO ® City Fire Hose Frenzy - this is a great arcade game for Android, which is perfect to while away a few minutes of free time. Levels, of course, a little, but the game is completely free. In our view, it was possible to make a paid add-on that definitely would enjoy popularity.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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