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Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams
Mimpi Dreams

Review Mimpi Dreams

Brandon Girod
Simple but elegant graphics, features graphics settings, awesome level interaction, great level design
Most useful features hidden behind paywall
Mimpi for Android is a quirky puzzle adventure game where you play as an adorable dog named Mimpi. Mimpi needs to find his owner, so it’s up to you to guide him back. It’s a game full of lush environments, but a simple aesthetic that is super pleasing to look at.
I absolutely love the environment and the detail of this game. The color palette used is beautiful, and the character/level design are both outstanding. It’s easily one of the best looking designed games I’ve seen on mobile that didn’t just try to push raw graphics.
The gameplay is equally good as good as it looks. Part of the game features some really light platforming mechanics, but I wouldn’t say that’s the brunt of what’s going on. Most of it includes trying to solve various puzzles, which do sometimes include some jumping elements. Most of the time you’re simply trying to solve puzzles by interacting with set pieces or the environment.
My biggest complaint stems from the fact that the game puts a lot of convenient features behind a paywall. But even then, I understand what’s happening because the dev needs to make money somehow. What better way to do it than giving the game away for free but putting the more convenient features behind a paywall?
Mimpi is a great puzzle adventure game that is well worth buying into. It has the perfect match of gameplay and style that I think will keep people invested in playing the game well past the point they would traditionally decide to put it down in search of something else.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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