Disney Crossy Road
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Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road

Review Disney Crossy Road

Brandon Girod
Retains the Crossy Road feel, rewards change the environment, features tons of disney characters
Doesn’t try to add to the existing gameplay
I think that at this point, pretty much everyone and their mom has played Crossy Road already. I’m not even sure the game is that popular anymore, but that hasn’t stopped Disney from paying (probably) a bunch of money to have their named slapped on it so they could throw in a bunch of their incredibly well known and popular characters into the game.
So there really isn’t anything new to say about the gameplay, but if you’re someone who hasn’t played this before, I’ll give you the rundown. Crossy Road is about crossing the most dangerous roads you’ll ever see. It’s filled with erratic drivers, speediest trains and deadliest rivers you’ll ever see. The only thing you can do is hop, and you’ll need to hop fast because the screen is always chasing you. If it catches you, you’re done for.
There are some cool new things with this version of the game, however. Rewards are all Disney characters. Rewards range from characters present in rides at Disney World to characters from new movies like Big Hero 6. What’s even greater is that each new character you unlock also changes the obstacles you have to dodge and the environment as a whole. For instance, the guy from the haunted mansion turned cars into ghost chariots and the environment was a lot darker and spookier.
At first, I didn’t think I was going to really enjoy Disney Crossy Road for Android because I’m pretty much all crossed out, but I definitely appreciated the small things that were added into this game.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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