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WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2
WordBrain 2

Review WordBrain 2

Brandon Girod
Clean aesthetic, plenty of themes
Boring gameplay, progression plateaus
Surprisingly, there aren't that many good word games on mobile. WordBrain Themes for Android is a word game that takes us away from spelling words to attack things or playing Scramble with friends so we can just, well, spell words. I'll be honest, this is a game that's just a bit of a step back from some of the other word games I've been playing.
So the idea is that you've got certain themes that groups of words revolve around. For instance, if you're playing with the pet-themed words then you'll need to spell things like "dog" or "cat." In order to spell them, you have to swipe your finger through the letters to spell them and they have to be connecting at some point. When you start, you're essentially spelling on word, but you'll start to spell more then longer you go. This means you've gotta spell words in the correct order. This is literally about as interesting as the games get.
Therein lies the problem to me. The game's mechanics just aren't that interesting. Maybe if I was just beginning to learn to spell then I'd find it more interesting, but having to spell "winter" from letters that are right there on the screen isn't really difficult and it's not enticing. So even when things do begin to get difficult, I'd largely just like to spend my time doing something else instead.
WordBrain Themes is a game for people who either really love words or just happen to be brand new at spelling them. Maybe English isn't your first language. For me, I found the gameplay to be extremely uninteresting. .

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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