Dawn of Steel
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Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel
Dawn of Steel

Review Dawn of Steel

Brandon Girod
Lots of great combat mechanics, good graphics, solid controls
Extremely lengthy tutorial, limits gameplay with power cells, has some performance issues
Dawn of Steel for Android is like a really cool babysitter because there is a lot of fun things to do in the game but it never lets your hand go to actually play. Why, in 2016, developers feel like they can’t put in a “cut to the chase” button, I have no idea, but I’m passionate about this.
Trying to look past being so incredibly irked by the nuisance of a tutorial, the game is actually somewhat decent. But I feel like that’s only because you get to play as a giant mech named Leviathan. And if there are two things I like, it’s mechs and things called Leviathans.
But let’s be honest, this game is nothing more than a Clash of Clans knock off. You get in skirmishes that are nothing than small combat scenarios that let you gain loot so you can bring it back to your base and build it up. Leveling up and upgrading your base is all part of the plan, and you can build up defenses to protect your own base from human players. Perhaps where this game fails is in its lack of troop options because there really aren’t any.
Dawn of Steel suffers from some of the same things that makes Clash of Clans boring to me, and that’s the incredibly repetitive nature of the whole thing combined with the artificial timers and limitations on gameplay. I’m someone who likes to put in time and effort in a game and be rewarded, I don’t like to have to wait for things to happen.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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