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99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets
99 Rockets

Review 99 Rockets

Brandon Girod
Simple, clean design, slow pacing
Failure carries a high punishment, no checkpoints
99 Rockets for Android has brought me the closest to throwing my phone than any other game has ever come close to. It’s an incredibly slow lesson in frustration. The game itself looks great and I really enjoy the concept, but the price for failure is excruciatingly high.
The concept behind this game is a really simple one. You have these rockets that are traveling along a set path, indicated by a line. Rockets will loop along this path until you shoot them off at these bubble-looking things. Level 1 has one rocket and one bubble. Level 2 has two rockets and two bubbles. You get the drift.
Now, I really love this concept. It’s difficult but fun. And did I mention how insanely great the game looks? The problem is that when you miss one shot, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. The game’s pace is like watching a baby crawl across the floor. So imagine being on level 70 - a feat that could easily take you 20 minutes or more if you’re good. And then missing a shot because you’ve never gotten that far before. That’s at least 20 minutes wasted and who knows how many others until you get back to that point. It’s infuriating.
99 Rockets could really, really benefit from some kind of checkpoint system. It doesn’t need to happen after every level, but every couple would go an incredibly long way towards not only having players stick with the game, but also increase how much fun they’re having with it. As it stands, I wanted to love the gameplay, but the whole thing is just too cumbersome.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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