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Real Boxing
Real Boxing
Real Boxing
Real Boxing
Real Boxing
Real Boxing
Real Boxing

Review Real Boxing

Sergei Petrov
Real Boxing - a long-awaited Android port for one of the most popular mobile games in the subject box with iOS. In this game, we will be able to participate in the beautiful and exciting boxing matches, a victory which depends solely on your responses and the ability to adapt to the opponent.
Engaged in developing a game studio Vivid Games SA, and this is their first port for our operating system, and we hope not the last. The only thing we have some issues, so this is why the developers did such a popular and successful game exclusive to the Tegra 3? Obviously, today, Tegra 3 is not competing in the face graphics chip Adreno and Mali. It is possible that this is just the start of sales, and in 1-2 months the game will be for all processors.


If you try to briefly describe the gameplay, it is quite complex in terms of the game, but easy to manage action-packed boxing simulation. Attempts are applied by means of gestures, each gesture, depending on the location and direction is still features its impact. Also, there are buttons to dodge and block, without which there can not play at all.
Beat the enemy without stopping here will not work, because every fighter there is energy, which is enough of a series of strikes and no more. Perfect game - this is when you turn aside from shock, quickly counterattack, again and again dodges strike. Here are just a constant fight in the game is unlikely to succeed, opponents also are good at counter-attack, and sometimes do so very effectively.
The game was very difficult, even realizing all the gameplay is quite difficult to defeat the enemy on the first try on the second battle after training. We have to re-play several times and try to understand his style.

Features Real Boxing for Android:

  • Flawless HD-graphics;
  • Colorful animation and visual effects;
  • Easy operation with gestures and buttons;
  • Single strokes and the whole bunch;
  • Counterattack, blocks and evasion;
  • Several game modes.
The game is like the classic single company, and quick battle mode, where you can select a player to specify the enemy, and then the arena to fight.
Summary. Real Boxing - is a cool and beautiful action-packed boxing simulation for Android, which can be called the best in its genre. The only thing that may confuse many, so it is quite high price of $ 5. But this game is definitely worth it, because after that, free analogues like Punch Hero and International Boxing Champions seem quite miserable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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this game is cool
This game is cool
александр20 Dec 2014, at 14:48
Не устанавливается на sony xperia T2 ultra почему??
Evgenii Kostrov
Здравствуйте, Александр!
Уточните, пожалуйста, что значит не устанавливается? Какие ошибки или сообщения выдает система и Google Play?
I got a problem with my HTC one. The game is being crashed before the start only. Please help.
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