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MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy

Review MARVEL Avengers Academy

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, lots of good animations
Horrible dialogue, mundane quests, linear gameplay, holds your hand
Marvel Avengers Academy for Android is one of those odd building games where you send people on fetch quests and click on things endlessly. I almost want to call it an endless clicker, but it’s not that. It’s an endless snoozefest. Seriously, if one of your bullet points is “Send them (your team) to activities, sporting events, class and training sessions” and you’re talking about superheroes, you’ve really lost your direction.
I usually dislike games that guide you through an experience and never ever want to let your hand go. I didn’t dislike this game, I hated it. It was like pulling teeth to continue. Despite being filled with Marvel superheroes, none of these characters act anything like the heroes I grew up watching on TV. Instead, it’s like a bunch of prepubescent teens making superhero references. It wouldn’t be cool even if I was that age.
The game is an endless series of quests with bits of boring dialogue thrown about. For instance, right in the beginning of the game, you need to recruit some heroes for your academy so they can fend off an attack against hydra. I had to do things like snap selfies, social out an apology to Loki, and a number of other mundane things so that I could recruit heroes to fight. What?! And then the fight was just the same repeating cutscene.
Right after that, it continued with the same boring routine. A new hero pops up so then you’ve gotta do a bunch of quests to recruit them. Quests only amount to clicking on a guy and having them do something for 15 minutes while you’re just sitting there sulking, and (hopefully) asking yourself why you’re doing this to begin with.
So yeah, avoid Marvel Avengers Academy at all cost. It’s not a game, it’s an insult to superheroes everywhere. It’s not worth your time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 6/10
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