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Die For Metal
Die For Metal
Die For Metal
Die For Metal
Die For Metal
Die For Metal
Die For Metal

Review Die For Metal

Sergei Petrov
Die For Metal - is a hardcore arcade game for Android, which is like the first heavy metal fans as well as the soundtrack - this is the strong point of the game. Here we will take a small dangerous labyrinth teeming with deadly traps. One contact with the trap, and the main character of the game breaks down into small pieces. Yes, the game contains a great abundance of blood and violence, it is metal!
Development of the game deals with young studio SinSquid Games, which had already produced a similar game, but in a different genre and with a set of black metal as the soundtrack. These types of music are different, but many do not understand anything.


In essence, this is a very simple and primitive platformer in which all control has three buttons - back, forward and jump. In this case, the protagonist is able to make double jump and cling to the wall.
The closest example of such a game - it's a pixel platformer League of Evil , which has the same hardcore gameplay, where one any clash with the enemy immediately ends in death. Moreover, in Die For Metal these deaths are counted as within the same level and the game. To die a few times at this is absolutely normal, well at least the levels themselves are not that big.
The graphics in the game though and 2D, but it looks very high quality, we are also very pleased with the styling game. The only thing that upset, because this is a very large buttons that can be done 3-4 times less.

Features Die For Metal for Android:

  • Stylized 2D-graphics;
  • Easy management;
  • Hardcore gameplay;
  • 45 levels;
  • 14 unique soundtracks;
  • 3 boss fights.
Every few levels will open up a new soundtrack, the songs are replaced very often and do not have time to bother. If you are into metal, then a selection of songs you'll definitely enjoy it. Listen to music can open not only in the game, but in the main menu, if you go to the section with the soundtrack.
Summary. Die For Metal - it's very hardcore fans of the game for Android, made especially for metal fans. The game is available exclusively as a paid version, which can be purchased for a minimal cost of $ 1. The disadvantages are the lack of only the free version with integrated advertising, as it would certainly wildly popular because not everyone decides to buy a game with such a dubious title.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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