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Dragon Land
Dragon Land
Dragon Land
Dragon Land
Dragon Land
Dragon Land
Dragon Land

Review Dragon Land

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, expansive levels, fun gameplay
Relies too much on inspirations from other IPs, wonky controls
Dragon Land for Android is one of those games where you can take one look at it and instantly understand each and every inspiration the game developers had. In this case, it’s a little unfortunate because it actually borrows too many gameplay and design ideas from Super Mario and Spyro.
This is a 3D platforming game through and through. You start in one area and will walk, jump and fight your way to the end of each level where you will inevitably climb some stairs and jump on a giant coin rather than a giant pole.
Fighting exists in this game very much like it does in Mario. You’ll do damage to an enemy by jumping on their head. Enemies have health bars, and while I never encountered any enemies that needed to be hit twice, I’m sure it happens eventually, but I never ran across it.
Level design reminds me a lot of Super Mario 3D Land on the Wii U but were noticeably less inventive because there does not seem to be as many assets in use as the full-fledged console game. Similarly, I found the controls be a bit clicky. I didn’t feel like I could really control my character well with the virtual joysticks, but it never really hindered me.
Dragon Land is great if you don’t mind the fact that it seems to do a lot of copying of other famous 3D platforming games. Otherwise, you might find that the game is just a bit much on that end. As a standalone platformer, the game is decent fun, but nothing to write home about.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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