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Review Ignatius

Brandon Girod
Unique inspiration, fun level design
Controls aren't great, no unique mechanics
Ignatius for Android is a game that is inspired by old silent movies. It’s a puzzle platformer that tells a bit of a story, too. The game’s main character is bored with the same ins-and-outs that he’s experienced throughout life, but one night something interesting happens. He meets a mysterious theater director named Vigo who turns film into reality.
The first hurdle any puzzle platformer destined for the mobile platform needs to address is its controls. If a platformer doesn’t feel natural to play then you’re not going to have much fun fighting with both the controls and the game. The controls in this game miss their mark. The default control scheme consists of virtual directional buttons, a jump and duck button and an action button. And while you can also configure the game to use swipe controls, it doesn’t aid in the fact that the game just feels floaty.
Your character has a decent jump range, but I found that I would often jump so high that I couldn’t see exactly where I was going to be when I landed, making the act of landing on a moving platform difficult. Additionally, there is no way to fend off any of the game’s enemies, either. Where you would think jumping on top of them would be sufficient, it’s not. Instead, you just have to learn their patterns and avoid them, which isn’t as fun fundamentally.
Level design is great, however. You’ll do some backtracking and you’ll have the opportunity to explore each level pretty thoroughly before completing the game.
Ignatius is a decent platformer with a great aesthetic, but the controls are really what prevent it from becoming a great game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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