Road to be King
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Road to be King
Road to be King
Road to be King
Road to be King
Road to be King
Road to be King
Road to be King

Review Road to be King

Brandon Girod
Innovative gameplay, cartoon-like graphics, minimal ads
Missed an opportunity to incorporate great rogue-like elements
Road to be King for Android is a great example of a runner done right. Its wonderful presentation gives way to a set of arcade ideas that were envisioned with mobile gaming in mind. And it sets forth to tackle the same runner-like gameplay we’ve seen before but from a different perspective. One that does the game justice.
It’s never directly clear in the game, but one can only imagine you’re on the road to become king. Are you the rightful heir to the throne or are you just trying to stage a coup? You never really find out.
The game is relatively simple. Imagine you’re on a treadmill where the level just keeps scrolling and scrolling, but you can move anywhere you want within that space. You’re not really running so much as you’re just constantly dodging and collecting coins. Simply tapping and dragging your character around is all you need to do.
At the end of each “level” you’ll have the chance to purchase a temporary power-up before you move on to the next stage. Purchasing power-ups is done by collecting gems along the way. It’s a bit unfortunate that these don’t culminate to permanent unlocks, but gems have another power, too - they will speed up your characters run speed, making it easier for you to bob and weave between enemies.
The gameplay is fast and furious in Road to be King. You can really tell that the developers sat down and came up with a vision to create a runner that is different and unique to everything else on the market, and I think they largely succeed in that.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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