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Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG

Review Automatic RPG

Brandon Girod
Surprisingly addictive, great progression, funny dialogue
Has sneaky ads, really grindy
I’m usually not a fan of games that sort of play themselves, especially ones that claim to be RPGs, but Auto RPG for Android isn’t so much an automatic role playing game as it is a clicker. I’ve played games that felt automatic. Games where you can literally just press a button and the player will go from one meaningless quest to the other and those are incredibly boring. This game isn’t.
So yeah, I think the game is sort of underselling itself by calling it an automatic game. You don’t actually want this game to play itself because it’s really, really slow. This is a game you’re definitely going to want to sit and baby sit until you get to some pretty high levels.
So, in a nutshell, you’re tasked with saving the kingdom from an evil demon king. The game relies heavily on light-hearted dialogue between characters for its story, and I enjoyed it a good bit because it was silly, didn’t take itself seriously, and added a bit of flavor to what I was doing.
Gameplay wise, well, it’s a clicker. You can watch things happen automatically, but enemies and your player tend to attack pretty slow. Tapping on the screen causes everyone to speed up, which means you get your rewards faster. Leveling up isn’t automatic. In fact, experience points are almost a form of currency in the game. As your party grows, you’ll have to divvy up your experience points between party members in order to level them up.
I had a lot of fun tapping the screen in Auto RPG and think it’s a really solid clicker. It’s got a decent story, good artwork, and the gameplay is interesting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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