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Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage
Red Carpet Rampage

Review Red Carpet Rampage

Brandon Girod
Lots of good-hearted humor, lots of gameplay variations
Controls can be awkward, ads
I think everyone is pretty well aware of the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was robbed (or at least thought to be) of an Oscar for many years now. Well, now someone has decided to capitalize on the situation and created what almost looks like an old school flash game joking about the situation. Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage for Android is a game of satire that’s fun until the novelty starts to wear off.
This is a frantic game with too much going on for its own good. Apparently, every nomination for an Oscar is pre-faced with a mad dash on foot for said Oscar. You’re put up against the other nominees of each award. To continue running, you need to frantically smash the screen over and over again. But you also have to be careful because paparazzi are out on the red carpet trying to take photos of you, so you’ll need to jump over them.
Each little race is separated by crazy but ultimately cheesy mini-games. The mini-games are cute the first time you play them. They tackle a few parts of the Oscars that have turned into memes, but when you lose your run and have to start over, you’ll quickly get tired of playing games like “find the black nominee,” which almost makes even the game sound a bit racist.
Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage has a really cool aesthetic, but its gameplay just isn’t quite there for me. Having the juggle between rapid taps to swipes in order to avoid things like giant icebergs is more cumbersome than fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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