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Blocky Rugby
Blocky Rugby
Blocky Rugby
Blocky Rugby
Blocky Rugby
Blocky Rugby
Blocky Rugby

Review Blocky Rugby

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, responsive controls
A copy and paste product, sneaky ads, terrible reward system
I swear that I just reviewed Blocky Rugby for Android just a week or so ago. I didn’t, but part of the reason I felt like I had is due to the fact that the developers literally made the exact same game but for American football instead. I’m talking right down to the same assets and levels. It’s basically just a reskin of the game.
I can’t really fault the developers for trying something like this because a game about rugby isn’t really going to appeal to an American market as much as football will, and American football won’t appeal to other places as much either. Still, it’s a little shameful to simply reskin the same game.
So this is your basic runner type arcade game where you’re trying to run the ball up the field. I don’t know rugby terms, so I’m not going to try and pretend that I do. You’re basically trying to score a touchdown, however. To do that, you’ll need to avoid players on both teams. Running into another player will end your run prematurely. Once you score a touchdown, you’ll then try and go for what is essentially the extra point. Missing that will also cause your turn to end.
If you get a perfect extra point then you’ll get a key. Getting three keys means you can unlock a random prize. Unfortunately, you need luck on your side to actually win said prize. If you don’t correctly match three chests then you don’t get anything. Bummer.
Blocky Rugby is basically a blatant copy of another game made by the same developers, but with slightly worse mechanics than the other. Rugby fans might enjoy this one, but the football game is better. Not because it’s football, but because it’s less egregious.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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