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Learn 2 Fly
Learn 2 Fly
Learn 2 Fly
Learn 2 Fly
Learn 2 Fly
Learn 2 Fly
Learn 2 Fly

Review Learn 2 Fly

Brandon Girod
Simple gameplay, cute graphics
Boring and repetitive gameplay, lackluster rewards, poor controls
Learn 2 Fly for Android is an arcade game that stems from a concept as old as dirt. Well, seemingly as old as dirt. I remember playing games back in elementary and middle school that had me smacking things around as far as I could just to see how far I could get them, and 15 years later, there are still games trying to do the same thing.
Platformers have been around forever, so it sounds a bit unfair to dock points from a game for simply playing off an old genre, but where platformers have evolved and innovated over the years, this game hasn’t. You’re still charging up a meter in an attempt to make a penguin fly as far as possible, and there are still objects you can hit along the way that will help you fly further and further.
The game tries to be innovative in the way that it allows you to control your character mid-flight, but the problem is that it just doesn’t work. In theory, you should be able to tilt your phone, which marginally guides your character through the air, but it doesn’t work because the controls are too sensitive. Tilt the device slightly to the right and you’ll nosedive straight to the ground. I found the most success in doing absolutely nothing, but then the game becomes too based on luck, forcing you to become a spectator rather than a player. It’s just not a fun experience.
Speaking as a kid, I know games like Learn 2 Fly can be fun. I didn’t spend hours playing the game, but friends and I would play during school. This game doesn’t hit the mark, though. The controls are frustrating and the gameplay is almost non-existent.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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