Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
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Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
Thumb Drift - Furious Racing
Thumb Drift - Furious Racing

Review Thumb Drift - Furious Racing

Brandon Girod
Awesome graphics, super fun gameplay, lots of different environments
Progression is grindy
Thumb Drift for Android is a rather surprising arcade game that challenges your reflexes and your patience. It’s got a great aesthetic, simple but gratifying controls, and it’s really captured that “just one more run” style of gameplay so many of these arcade games hope to achieve.
The first time I booted up this game, I was pleasantly surprised. Dragging my finger around the screen in an effort to drift across roads Tokyo Drift style was really fun. I was extremely bad at it, but it was still super fun. The game also looks absolutely fantastic, You’re not slapped in the face with hyper-realistic visuals. Instead, you get a palette of muted colors, assets that are beautifully rendered on simple but stylized low-poly models and a wonderful amount of environments.
Gameplay wise, I think a lot of players will either love it or hate it. The controls are extremely sensitive, and a lot of players will initially be put off by the fact that we’re almost programmed to over correct ourselves, leaving us to crash and burn. It’ll take a lot of patience to realize that this game requires you to think ahead and be very careful with the way you handle yourself.
Going through the game, you’ll unlock coins, but you’ll only unlock them based on how well you perform. Getting coins in game is difficult, but there are gameplay objectives you can hit that will reward you well based on longer but persistent objectives.
Thumb Drift is a really great arcade game, but like most mobile arcade games, I think the audience will be split based on how well you can deal with the game’s controls and your own failure. This one is worth a shot, though.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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