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Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine

Review Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine

Brandon Girod
Progression is a fun grind, seriously good retro graphics, lots of upgrades
Exhaustive controls
Do you want to play a clicker that will actually make your thumbs too tired to continue playing. Do yourself a favor and check out Tap Galaxy - Deep Space Mine for Android. It’s stylized like oh so many other clickers in that it utilizes retro pixel graphics, but the game is hardcore. This is a hardcore clicker where you’ll click your thumb off before you’re finally at a point where you can put your phone down. In fact, my thumb hurts while typing this.
I’ve played a few clickers that really, really remind me of this game, but what this game does is it makes every upgrade you buy extremely incremental and extremely expensive. It’s like you’re fighting tooth and nail to get every bit of an advantage you can. Every little bit helps and you definitely feel it, but you look back at how much gold you’ve got over the past five minutes and just feel like nothing has happened. But the thing about people who love clickers is that it’s the chase that keeps us going.
The game’s aesthetic is absolutely fantastic. Like I said, it does remind me of several other games, but I just love this type of aesthetic so much that I can’t really fault anyone who tries to use it.
If you play clickers then don’t forget to pick up Tap Galaxy Deep Space Mine. There are upgrades for days but you’ll have to put in a lot of time before the game gets to that point where you can just sit back, prop your feet up, and watch your numbers soar higher and higher. It’s a game that rewards you based on how much work you put into it versus trying to reward you every chance it gets.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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