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Mini Golf Center
Mini Golf Center
Mini Golf Center
Mini Golf Center
Mini Golf Center
Mini Golf Center
Mini Golf Center
Mini Golf Center

Review Mini Golf Center

Brandon Girod
Simple controls, good level design
Lots of ads, low resolution graphics, lo-fi sound
Mini Golf Center for Android is the prime example of what not to do with a mobile game. After having just reviewed a really excellent arcade golf game, I can safely say that the difference between one and the other is just about night and day. If you’re curious to know the difference then keep reading to find out.
As soon as I opened the app, I was disappointed by the low resolution graphics. They look like they’ve all been compressed, perhaps in an effort to try and make performance better within the app. Everything looks really basic, but not in a stylistic way. It felt more like the developer tried to create all the assets alone but isn’t necessarily a designer.
The controls are really good because they’re all on-screen buttons. The downside is that other golf games have great controls using gestures, which frees up screen real estate and makes the app look better overall. Another positive is that the game’s level design is actually pretty inventive. Each level ended up getting progressively crazier and I had more fun trying to figure them out.
The app’s biggest flaw is the amount of ads within the game. There is a constant banner and a full-sized ad in every loading screen. Ultimately, while there are some good things inside Mini Golf Center, it feels cheap due to the poor aesthetic and the huge amount of ads. If I had one huge piece of advice I could give the developer, it would be to spend more time polishing the game and investing money into its assets rather than trying to figure out how many ads you can stuff into it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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