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Super Mustache platformer
Super Mustache platformer
Super Mustache platformer
Super Mustache platformer
Super Mustache platformer
Super Mustache platformer
Super Mustache platformer

Review Super Mustache platformer

Brandon Girod
Awesomely fun gameplay, retro aesthetic, really responsive controls
The graphics seem a little low fidelity, could use more level variation
If Super Mustache for Android reminds you a lot of Super Mario, that’s probably okay because he reminds me of Mario too. And like Mario, this is a platformer, but it’s a bit more compact than our Italian plumber friend.
So, it’s the year 2040 and a space agency created a robot with artificial intelligence named Gladius. Predictably, Gladius went rogue while it was on its way to study Uranus, and when it landed, it decided to take over the planet. Now, Super Mustache is the only guy in the galaxy that is awesome enough to take down the rogue AI and its ever growing army of things.
The game plays like a really solid platformer. All of the controls feel really solid, precise, and responsive. A lot of mobile platformers seem to fail in this aspect because they feel too floaty. That’s definitely not the case here. Also, the on-screen controls are in the in perfect spot for me. I never found myself pressing on random parts of the screen like I do in other games that have the controls in odd spots.
Aesthetically, the game could be a little bit better. I’m usually a huge fan of the retro style graphics, but this one just doesn’t have the same appeal. It feels more like it was taken from a super old NES game than something from the 16-bit era.
Super Mustache is a really solid platformer that is fun and comfortable to play on your phone. Levels are involved, but they aren’t so involved that you wouldn’t be able to get through one while waiting in line to order food.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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