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Review Merged!

Brandon Girod
Good visual elements, runs well, intriguing gameplay
Only one game mode, feels too much like other games
Merged! for Android is a game about numbers and it plays very much like a lot of other number games. This time you’re matching together individual tiles and then sometimes tiles that remind me a lot of dominoes.
This is more arcade game than puzzle game, however. Though there are puzzle parts in it, the main idea is to wrack as many points possible, so you’re not necessarily trying to get the biggest combo possible. What happens is that every time you match three or more numbers together then it will create a new tile that’s one number higher than the group. Your seventh tile is a bomb that when matched will clear a good chunk of the board.
I found myself getting a little bored and frustrated with the game, however. It’s a random game in that tiles just spawn, but you have the ability to rotate double tiles however you think will fit best. Here, it’s a good idea to plan your moves ahead of time because you’ll be able to clear the board easier down the road. If you play “in the moment” then you’ll likely find run short lived.
If you run out of space then your run is over and you’ll get the chance to start over. I kind of felt like I had already seen all I wanted after my first few playthroughs. I just wasn’t married to the concept.
I usually am a fan of games where you’re matching numbers, but I felt like the concept in Merged! has just been used one too many times. I’d like to see it push itself in one direction or another rather than just trying to capitalize on what’s already been made.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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