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World of Derby
World of Derby
World of Derby
World of Derby
World of Derby
World of Derby
World of Derby
World of Derby

Review World of Derby

Brandon Girod
Awesome graphics, insanely fun gameplay
Progression is a grind, there only seems to be a few levels
World of Derby for Android is a game that is destructively fun. I think I could waste hours playing the game. The only problem is that it would take that long to make any sort of progress within the game and that is ultimately what kills my buzz when thinking about opening this back up. Do I really want to spend this much time within the game for only a marginal amount of return?
This is a game all about the world of destruction derbies. Before you’re even shown the ropes, you’re thrown into a match and left to figuring out the game yourself. For me, that’s completely fine because that’s all I really want to do in most games anyway. Besides, aside from some UI elements, I pretty much knew exactly what I needed to do: destroy everyone.
There are two directions you can turn and a stop and go button. It’s a dead simple game to play. Some of the tool tips on the loading screens give you a few hints that are somewhat vital to being successful, like hitting a car from behind will do more damage than hitting them from the front.
One thing I find to be unfortunate about the game is that it seems to be difficult to get upgrades going in this game. Matches can be pretty long since there is no pre-determined time. It lasts as long as there is one car standing, or as long as you’re still alive. Upgrading your engine, for example, costs 2,500 dollars, and while there are cheaper upgrades, I only won $1,100 gold when I won a derby. When I lost I’d get a measly 100-200 bucks. To make matters worse, repairing your car can be even more costly than upgrading it.
I really had a ton of fun with World of Derby, but think it could benefit a ton by balancing the repair and upgrade costs. Right now they just seem to be too much.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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