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Review LONEWOLF (17+)

Brandon Girod
Well written story, unique style, good gunplay
Dialogue can be lengthy
Lonewolf for Android is a sniping game that puts you in the shoes of a mysterious sniper. It’s a neo-noir story driven adventure game where you enter a criminal organization called the ‘Assembly.’ Why are you there? The only way to find out is by playing through the game and discovering that for yourself.
There are a number of things I enjoy about this game. The art style reminds me of a comic book and that means it’s incredibly unique in the face of most of the hyper-realistic sniping games out there now. It’s also really story driven. And by that I don’t mean there is a story, I mean there is some intrigue and reason why you’re doing what you’re doing, and it’s well written to boot.
The gunplay is a bit more realistic than some of the other sniping games I’ve played. There seems to be bullet curve that needs to be taken into account and the rifle sway actually interrupts your shot. You can upgrade your rifle as you play to get better with it, but it’s largely skill and objective based. There are also elements of stealth where you’ll need to take people out in specific order to complete a mission.
The game does have some bugs if you have to stop playing for a bit and come back to it while it’s still running. Sometimes the app will flatout crash. Other times it will make me restart from the title screen. I’m not sure if the app is too resource hungry to run in the background, but it’s kind of a pain sometimes.
Lonewolf is the type of sniping game you really want to get into, though. It doesn’t use gimmicks like special voice actors to try and get you to play. It has solid mechanics and an interesting story. It creates an identity for itself.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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