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Blocky Football
Blocky Football
Blocky Football
Blocky Football
Blocky Football
Blocky Football
Blocky Football
Blocky Football

Review Blocky Football

Brandon Girod
Broken into perfect bite-sized chunks, solid controls, hectic but fun gameplay
Lots of ads, games get really long
Blocky Football for Android is a really, really fun arcade game that caught me completely by surprise. I’m not a football fan and I don’t really like arcade games too much either, but this game managed to come together and make me enjoy them both.
It’s a simple game that’s based on the sport. You receive a kick off and you want to take that baby straight to the in zone. This is basically a five lane runner and there are two obstacles to dodge: the defensive line and the offensive line. This is the part that doesn’t really make much sense. Your defensive line does technically protect you, but it can also hurt you if you run into them, and sometimes they can hurt you bad. In one instance, every lane in the game was blocked by something, which meant there was nothing I could do but die.
Despite this, it only happened once and even though I kind of want to wail on them for not inputting code to prevent something like this from happening, I just had too much fun with the game. Each run is broken into multiple stages that become longer and harder the further you get. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up where you left off.
I was also a bit confused by the rewards. It seemed that everything was locked behind a legit paywall. Characters are $1, which is insane for a simple skin, and you can’t unlock new fields without unlocking new characters. I earned keys, but I’m not sure what they do because despite searching through the menus, I never found a real use for them.
Getting through the rest of the Blocky Football review, it makes me realize the game does have its fair share of problems - some that I fundamentally disagree with. But I also can’t get over how unique and just fun the game is.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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