Drifting Penguins
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Drifting Penguins
Drifting Penguins
Drifting Penguins
Drifting Penguins
Drifting Penguins
Drifting Penguins
Drifting Penguins
Drifting Penguins

Review Drifting Penguins

Brandon Girod
Cute art style, simple controls
Gameplay is thin, no intriguing rewards
Penguins are pretty cute, but their lives can be difficult. Drifting Penguins for Android is a good example as to why the life of a penguin is a dangerous. It highlights all of the crazy ways UFOs, old mines, polar bears, and killer whales that are all out to get your wonderful group of penguins.
So your goal is to make sure there are at least some survivors left on the ice cap that your squad of penguins have decidedly ended up on. It sounds like an easy task until you realize just how many things are out there trying to kill them, including the wind. Think of the ice cap as a balance beam. Explosions, killer whales, and a number of other hazards rock the ice cap, which means you’ve gotta mash the sides of the screen so that none of your poor penguins fall off.
If some do, that’s okay. Penguins on makeshift rafts will randomly appear to help you fill out your numbers a bit. I personally found that trying to manage more than a handful of penguins just spelled out disaster.
I didn’t really notice any upgrades worth mentioning, and there aren’t any power-ups or real reasons to spend money on the game either. Ads didn’t seem too intrusive. The only real problem is that, like most arcade games, the experience begins to wear thin pretty quickly.
Drifting Penguins is a game that looks really fun and is actually somewhat unique in the grand scale of arcade games. But there just aren’t enough mechanics to keep me interested in the long run.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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