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Cursor The Virus Hunter

Cursor The Virus HunterCursor The Virus HunterCursor The Virus HunterCursor The Virus HunterCursor The Virus HunterCursor The Virus HunterCursor The Virus HunterCursor The Virus Hunter


Brandon Girod
Posted: Brandon GirodTested 08 May 2017 on HTC One M8

Takes me back to the world of Windows 95
Title screen is 10/10, very unique premise, rewards are easy to obtain
Thin gameplay

If getting rid of viruses were more like Cursor the Virus Hunter for Android, then they’d be a lot more fun to deal with. Instead of hours of troubleshooting, you could simply sick your friend, Cursor on the virus until it was dead. Or captured, because I guess you don’t really kill a virus.
Anyway, so this is a fun take on killing viruses. You control Cursor, who is a cursor that has been set loose on a swarm of unsuspecting viruses. Its sole purpose in life is to do away with said viruses. You’ll do this by sort of “dribbling” Cursor through the level, chasing the viruses until you’ve finally caught them.
Levels are remarkably open, but there are error messages you need to be weary of. If you hit an error message then you’ll studder and eventually you’ll just plain crash. You’ll follow the trails led by the viruses and perform combos in order to get bigger. Being bigger makes collecting coins and a number of other things much easier, but it also means it’s more difficult to avoid error messages.
The game is pretty action-packed, and I absolutely loved the title screen. It reminded me of Windows 95. I was also a huge fan of the overall theme, though it doesn’t stick with the same design language. Bummer.
Cursor the Virus Hunter is a fun game that has a lot going on. I usually find games like these to be a bit mind numbing, but you can rack up some pretty big combos by simply paying attention. It’s a really fun arcade game that’s great for people that are into games like Flappy Bird.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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