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Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys

Review Pocket Mortys

Brandon Girod
A Pokemon clone, but an excellent one, hilarious dialogue and story, great gameplay
Movement is clicky
Ever since I was a kid, I always wondered why a game never really tried to tackle what Pokemon has done. Sure, there are a lot of games with collectible monsters, but none of theme have even made an attempt at capturing some of the market share Pokemon has. Well, leave it to Adult Swim to finally challenge their throne. Pocket Mortys for Android is a hilarious satire based on the Pokemon RPGs that is surprisingly good.
The thing about satire is good satire should be hard to distinguish from the real thing, and this game does just that. If you’ve ever played a Pokemon game then you’ll easily recognize the battle system, UI, and the rock, paper, scissors gameplay mechanics employed from Pokemon.
The story line is where a lot of the fun is to be had here, though. It’s really well written and feels just like the show itself. For some reason, there are portals to alternate dimensions where other pairs of Rick and Mortys live. But there have been a high number of Mortys running around without their Ricks, leaving them to go feral. An evil version of Rick has been going around and “capturing” these Mortys and you’ve gotta stop them. Sort of.
There is a lot to Pocket Mortys that’s great, but the best way to experience this game is by simply playing it. If you love turn based RPGs then this game will check that box. And if you’re a Pokemon fan, this is a must play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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